The perfect poo is an illusive thing, altogether too rare in our high-speed world. You should poo everyday, once is enough but twice is OK. In the morning is best, without prompting (with water or coffee or breakfast).

Afterwards you feel complete, light on your feet, energetic, as if you have done something useful.

You should not have to rush, and yet you should not have to strain. There shouldn’t be much gas and certainly no pain.

The perfect poo is solid but soft. They say ‘Is it well-formed?’ & ‘Does it float?’. It should not smell foul.

It should be medium brown (unless you’ve eaten beets). 

Bits of yesterday’s meal are not a good sign (this shows your digestion is too weak for what you have eaten).

Though it is hard to generalize, if you do not have such a poo this is what to do.

These simple guidelines will help your body digest all that you ingest: Drink hot water with a pinch of  ginger instead of soda or juice or anything cold with meals. Do not eat the things that show up undigested the next day. Limit things that make you feel gassy, tired, or bloated. Improve your digestion before you try them again. Eat 2 or 3 regular and satisfyingly large meals a day. Grazing leads to sinking poo as one snack is not digested before another snack is munched (undigested food leads to toxic build up in the gut and elsewhere in the body). Make sure your food is freshly made (leftovers older then 24hrs old are decomposing). Make sure you love what you are eating, that it tastes good, looks good and smells good. If these things are not true you will not have good poo.