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Diet & Lifestyle Consultation

Have you read a few ayurvedic books but are not sure how to incorporate all this new information into your life? This session if for people who want to start living in a more ayurvedic way but don't know where to start (or what to do next!). We will analyse how you are eating and living and how you can be more focused and clear about what ayurvedic protocol will be best for you. 

This consultation focuses on what you do at home and less on herbs, treatments and formulas.

1 1/2 hr consultation : $125

In-depth Health Consultation

This detailed process requires a deep assessment of what is going on in your body, why it is happening and what has happened to get you where you are today, and how to correct it from the perspective of Classical Ayurveda. This interview gives me the information I need about your diet, lifestyle, history, needs, dedication, and interests which I use to start you on an individualized Ayurveda health plan to include the broad spectrum of Ayurvedic healing tools: diet and lifestyle protocal, herbal formulas, cleanses, treatments, meditation, breathing, yoga.  Herbs and oils are an additional charge.

2 hr consultation + 30 min. follow-up : $175


Follow-up Consultations

Continue to grow and heal with ongoing care as you learn to understand your body and create balance with ayurveda. After your initial consultation we can meet monthly, every other month, or seasonally to fine tune herbal supplements, react to changes in your life, or work on deeper issues.

1 hour : $90



If you are not ready to dive in with a full consultation or have a specific question about Ayurveda and how it might help you can dip your toes in.

A great deal can be gained from a short interview about what diet and lifestyle practices will help you find balance. Please remember that you must complete an intake questionnaire before you arrive so we can maximize our time.

30 minutes in person: $45



Treatments (Oil & Steam)

(Currently treatments are only available on an as needed basis)


Body treatments are useful in overcoming health problems, speed recovery, and counter pain. Ayurveda supplies us with an enticing array of treatments ranging from snehan (oil application massage) and swedan (steam or dry heat treatments) to dhara (oil, milk, or decoction streaming treatments), nasya (nasal application of remedies), sthanik basti (oil pool therapy), and cleanses among others.

Each of these treatments has very specific curative qualities and will be recommended as needed. Time required for each varies, often treatments are best done in a series of daily treatments. Please note that oils, decoctions, formulas, and herbs used will be an additional charge.


Herbs and Oils and other potions:

All of the formulas that I used are based in the classical ayurvedic texts and sourced from the most authentic and careful pharmacies in India. Standard rates for individually blended herbal formulas is $50 for a 2 week supply. Oils, ghees and other medicines vary.