Eden Lorraine Tosch 

MSc., Registered Ayurveda Clinician (AAPNA)

Eden’s abiding interests in holistic healthcare, human potential, both collective and individual,  and all encompassing systems of thought initially drew her into the study and practice of Ayurveda. The efficacy, rigor,  creative relationship between states of challenge and ease have inspired her to continue on this path. The elegance of balance between individuality and collective good and classical thought with unorthodox practices,  challenge her daily as she seeks to inspire others with this endlessly interesting modality.

Formal training in Classical Indian Medicine have defined and refined the healing instincts gained from mother and grandmothers and many years as a massage therapist. Eden has practiced (or at least thought about practicing) yoga for over 10 years and is especially inspired by knowledge gained from studying Scaravelli, Shadow, and Kundalini styles. Her practice is informed by undergraduate and graduate studies focused in Cultural Studies and Social Psychology and an abiding interest in spirituality and social justice.

Eden believes that Ayurveda offers an emancipatory health care choice with the potential to bridge individual self-awareness, social justice, and spiritual aspirations.

She dreams of a time when humans are ready for their own well-being.

Education (thus far):

  • Kerala Ayurveda Academy, Foster City, CA: 500 hrs Ayurveda Wellness Councilor
  • Shubham Ayurveda, Fremont, CA: 1000 hrs Theoretical, and Advanced Clinical Training and Internship in Ayurveda
  • Punarvasu Ayurveda Prabodhini, Pune, India: 120 hrs Body Therapies and Panchakarma
  • University of Sussex, Brighton, UK: MSc, Social Psychology