Takra: Indian Style Buttermilk

Spiced, whisked and diluted yogurt is called Takra.  This process (or samskara) thoroughly transforms the qualities of yogurt into a

light, refreshing, and appetizing drink. Have a  cup after lunch to aid digestion and treat IBS-type symptoms. Takra controls vata and kapha, improves taste, counters diarrhea, hemorrhoids, bloating, and swelling.

  • ½ C fresh, whole milk yogurt
  • 3+ C cool water
  • Whisk for at least 3 minutes. The liquid should develop a light and somewhat astringent texture.

For a Savory & Digestive Takra: Pan toast til fragrant: 1 pinch each ground cumin, coriander, hing and add to freshly whisked Takra. Add salt and black pepper to taste.

For a Refreshing and Nourishing Sweet Takra: pan toast 1 pinch each: ginger, cardamom, cinnamon and add to freshly whisked Takra. Stir in 2t raw honey and a splash of rose water.

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