Join me for a workshop series: 
The Science and Magic of Ayurveda 
An Introduction

  Part 1 of a 4 part series

Saturday June 16th 2pm-6pm

This first class in the series is a ‘deep’ overview of Ayurveda focused on introducing the science and illuminating Ayurveda's potential. Perfect for anyone who has heard of the Doshas-- vata, pitta, and kapha -- but is still not really sure what Ayurveda is or what it can do for you.
After this series you will be able to impress your friends with your sophisticated understanding of Ayurveda.
We will cover history and present day practice, purpose of Ayurveda (a long healthy happy life) and what it takes to actualize this potential.  Basic principles and everyday application will be taught so you can incorporate the benefits of Ayurveda into your life.
Remember: sickness is not healthy.
These workshops include yoga asana practice, handouts & Chai.
The Science and Magic of Ayurveda: 
Part 2 of 4: Using Universal qualities/gunas to find everyday balance. Saturday August 11th 2pm-6pm
Part 3 of 4: Daily and Seasonal Routine. Unlocking the keys to living in harmony with the earth. Saturday September 15th 2pm-6pm
Part 4 of 4: You are what you eat and other truths of manifesting health. Saturday October 13th 2pm-6pm
Individual Workshop: $40 Complete Series: $120
For more info and to sign up visit Purple Monkey Yoga
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