There was frost on the grass this morning...

Despite the chill my neighbors (& dogs) were out exercising too.

A post - debaucherous desire to counter the excesses of the last few weeks & renewed resolution to get in shape has everyone out. 

There is a natural inclination to move more in the winter. There is a natural rhythm that calls us together with loved ones to enjoy the richness of relationships and shared history. Without this we get chilled and lethargic; ward off the tendency to become isolated and low spirited in these dark, short days with movement and connection. 

Ayurveda codifies these natural annual cycles in what is called ritu charya or seasonal routine. 

Appropriate and healthy winter activities includes extra exercise, warm clothes, heavier, more nourishing food, more sex, more sleep, & gathering with friends and family. Some of these seem obvious; some less intuitive. All are designed to help us  connect with the cycles of the planet for health now and through the coming seasons. 

One of the greatest gifts of Ayurveda for us modern folks is it's insistance that we pay attention to our body, environment, and the interplay of the two. We are well served by re-sensitizing ourselves to our needs as they follow the cycles of the planet.

Happy New Year --
may the coming year bring you a renewed sense of joy in interdependence!

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