I imagine that most of my readers  are liberal in your politics and social concerns. I am lefter than left in most things. But there are some areas of life where conservation is key. One is with our bodies; we hope to conserve our health and our youthfulness. We conserve the essence of the body; Ojas. Much of Ayurvedic learning is related to this conservation. Carefulness prevents the natural erosion that happens with time and use.

If you live in the West we are also conserving water now too. It is a similar idea: preserve what we have (however little that is) so that we don't have to go with out entirely.

But in this how and un-seasonally dry weather how do we preserve our bodies?

The heat and the dryness desiccate our bodies. Luckily there are a few things that we can do to stabilize our bodies even in this tough climate... 

  • Do abhyunga (oil self massage) every time you shower - especially if you have cut back on showers! Make a blend of sesame and coconut oil with a few drops of cooling essential oils like: Vetiver, Rose, Cilantro, Fennel

  • If you are not showering at least put a few drops of oil on the top of your head, soles of your feet, and dip a q-tip in oil and use to clean out ears.

  • To help your skin resist wrinkling with the dryness: soak 1 T of rinsed white rice overnight in a glass of water. In the morning sip the cool rice-infused water. 

  • Stay away from drying foods like chickpeas, papadum, and popcorn. And have plenty of Ghee!

  • Boil the water you drink so your body can use it more efficiently.

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