I have been thinking about the relationship between Ayurveda's Pancha Karma cleanses and the mental cleanse of a silent retreat. Both are trials that we put ourselves through consciously and intentionally for the long term benefit of our body and mental well-being. Both involve an act of will to temporarily remove ourselves from day-to-day life so that neglected processes can take place. When the busy mind or systems of the body are given a day or a week off all sorts of other work can be accomplished. It is as if we intentionally  take on clearing out some of the mess in the closet so it doesn't cause us problems later. We choose out fate rather than being subject to it.

We emerge from both, stronger and mentally clearer having removed some of the blockages that stop us from navigating the world as we wish; rather than as we must.

I strongly recommend facing these sorts of challenges. 

If you have been thinking about doing Pancha Karma now is the time to commit to it. Spring is the best season for PK and I will be in India mid-February to mid-March so unavailable. Lets talk about the next step in your healing process!