As usual I have been thinking a lot about the different types of food eaten over the world. 

Much of the everyday fare of average people around the world is soupy, stewy, or saucy. Think of vietnamese noodle soups and african stews or curries or borsht. Think about the foods of your ancestors  how many of them were stews? By comparison American convenience food (our everyday food) is not so moist: sandwiches and chips, fries and energy bars, even steak and baked potato. It is no wonder we are a bit dried up.

proper amount of liquid in our meals ensures that food is digested properly and bodies maintain proper moisture.  I suspect that one of the reasons that people feel they need to drink so much (especially so much sweet icy stuff) is that the food we eat is just too dry. And as it looks like it is going to be a long, hot, dry summer eating moister food will be useful.

Most soups and stews are slow cooked, the flavors melding, the variations limitless depending on what is in season. These are working people's foods (who doesn't come from peasant stock?) easy to put over the fire in the morning so that they are ready for an easy dinner at night when you get back form the fields. The qualities of each ingredient melds with the rest to balance each other; creating one dish that satisfies and sustains.

Authoreden tosch