What feeds your Body, feeds your Mind (& more subtle levels of Self too)

This may seem New-Age-y but the roots of these ideas are found in many traditional practices, like Ayurveda, where the underlying assumption is that all levels of our being reflect one another. In this video I talk with Stacy Vajta of Expanded Pathways and Elicia Woodford of Awakening360 about Candida, or Krumi, but every 'dis-ease' of mind needs to be healed by creating balance in the body and every dis-ease of the body is ultimately mirroring something going on in the subtle levels.

How do we work with this on a practical, at-home level? Notice how you feel when you eat, exercise, fall asleep. These emotional energetic states will determine how the food or experience you are taking in effects your body. If you eat that piece of cake with an attitude of reverence and calm appreciation it will have a very different effect on your body then if you eat it with a feeling of guilty shame or self loathing. Normal body processes are clearly impacted by our emotional states. This is why cultivating Sattwa, or calm alertness, is a life-long goal.

Towards this end we can:

  • Take foods and herbs that that calm the mind and avoid those that aggravate it.
  • Maintain regularity in our daily schedules. Both mind and body are soothed by knowing what comes next.
  • Have a regular meditation practice and cultivation of consciousness in everything we do and feel.
  • See a skilled energy worker to help through the rough spots (Contact Stacy at Expandedpathways.com)

How to eat for a calm mind:

The key is to avoid things which are either stimulating (creating an over active mind and eventual 'crash') or sedating (causing dullness).

  • Avoid anything with chemicals in it.
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine and anything obviously mind altering.
  • Avoid Extreme Foods (super spicy, super intense flavors, lots of meat, garlic or onions).
  • Keep eggs, potatoes and mushrooms to a minimum.

Do eat what makes you feel satisfied:

  • Fragrant foods calm the mind.
  • Wheat, Milk, Almonds, Ghee. Keep in mind that foods that are calming are often heavy and nourishing. Have them in small doses-- 5 soaked almonds is a serving!
  • Freshly prepared foods will always make you feel better than anything left-over or stale.
  • Rose, basil or Tulasi, cardamom, cinnamon, saffron, coriander, cumin, fennel, fenugreek, fresh ginger and turmeric