If you have been in my office you know of my tendency to scribble notes to myself on colored post-its. Today I went through a stack of these post-its from the last few months and I noticed a theme: tips from my clients about how to eat healthier with less work or stress. 

This is a big struggle for those of us who try to incorporate Classical Ayurvedic principals into our everyday lives without having to sacrifice other activities (and without having to order an Auntie or Maushi from India to do our cooking!). 

Here are a few tips from my post-its (thanks to those of you who came up with these ideas!) and a few I have figured out over the years:

  • www.blueapron.com This company makes cooking at home easy; they deliver to your door ingredients and recipes to make gourmet healthy meals. You can order as many meals a week as you like and indicate veg or non-veg and they try to get as much local and sustainable ingredients as possible. I am told that the recipes are sophisticated (for us costal foodies) and yet not overwhelming for beginners, delicious, and always fresh 'cause you make it yourself! 
  • www.goodeggs.com If you are in the SF Bay or Brooklyn (and soon LA and NO) you can order farm-to-you fresh products online and pick them up the next day all packed and ready to go! This is a brilliant weaving of local sustainable food culture with technology. The selection changes daily so get the shmaltz (chicken fat) when you see it!). I will never run out of half-n-half again!
  • Get a thermos! You can get great ones at Ikea and in the kitchenwares area at Koreana Market in Oakland. Make a pot of Dahl with veggies in the morning as you are getting ready for work and keep it warm till lunch. Just buy a fresh roll and you have a great fresh lunch!
  • Slow cookers; so many choices to cook while you sleep\work\play! Cook a whole meal with this one, take lunch to work and avoid the microwave with this cute food carrier and warmer, and if you spend a lot of time in you vehicle there is this food heater that plugs into the cigarette lighter!
  • Eternally my favorite way to make cooking easier (and still getting a nourishing, fresh, and delicious dinner): rice and beans (no cheese, no sour cream) and 2 buche or lengua tacos at my taqueria: Los Pericos #5 in San Leandro. 

Any other great tips for eating fresh, healthy, and warm while on the run?