I got the flu last week. Despite being somewhat ashamed of myself for not taking better care of myself before I got sick, 

I was interested in the opportunity to experience ill health from the inside out. This is oddly refreshing for Ayurveda practitioners. Relying on the wisdom of Ayurvedic science is reassuringly efficient when treating the flu.

Last flu season I wrote this article about Ayurveda's take on Fever and how to care for yourself when you've come down with it.

Treating Fever (in a nutshell):

  • Stop.
    • Stop working and running around.  Take a nap. 
    • Stop eating. If you have been sick for a few days and are weak and tired some rice broth is good: Boil for 30 min: 1 T rice, 1 C water, pinch of salt, squeeze of lemon, cumin, coriander. 
  • Drink. Drink boiled water or tea when you are thirsty. Ginger tea is easy. Coriander & fennel will help resurrect your digestion & help you stay cool. 
  • Stay warm. Unless dangerously hot - forcing the fever down will make reoccurrence more likely.

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