You Are What You Digest: Yoga Therapy & Ayurveda

Even if you know the in's and outs of Ayurvedic digestive health you will want to get a refresher!

Leela Yoga, Alameda
Saturday February 1st 2-5pm

  • Do you find yourself tired after meals? Lacking energy in general? Are you gassy or bloated? Belching more than normal? Are you a little ‘irregular’ without your kombucha or Activia®?
  • Both Classical Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy point to digestive health as essential to a healthy, long life! In this workshop, which includes discussion and movement, you'll earn hands-on skills in preserving, regaining, and maintaining digestive health including:
  • Learn Yoga sequences designed to correct digestive imbalances.
  • Take home a personal understanding of what you can do to feel better.

Please wear yoga-appropriate clothes. Come with questions about your personal digestive issues.

Early Registration: $25, Week of workshop: $35

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Light Ayurvedic snack and tea will be provided, Ghee and Digestive formulas will be available for purchase.

1708 LIncoln Ave, Alameda CA

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