Last weekend I spent 2 days at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass in Golden Gate Park with the sun,  wind,  smoke blown in from the Napa fire, dust, and 750,000 other crazy people. It was phenomenal. When I got home I blew my nose and blackish cruddy bloody gunk came out. And I still felt like my nose was full of cement.  


artist:  Shawn Feeney

artist: Shawn Feeney

Luckily Ayurveda has just the solution for how to recover from melees; Nasya.

Nasya is a treatment where various things (ghee, oil, milk, herbal powders) are sniffed up the nose. Nasya is a versatile treatment used both as daily maintenance and treatment of specific diseases. Neti Pot might be considered a type of nasya. All diseases of the head can be treated with nasya including: headaches, congestion, eye, ear and nose issues, improve memory and senses. All sorts or potions and special oils are used clinically.

This simple version can safely be done regularly as part of your ayurvedic routine: Warm a dropper bottle filled with ghee. Lie on your back with your head tilted back a little. Drop 8 drops (1/2 a small dropper) into one nostril while holding closed your other nostril. Sniff hard to get the oil deep into your sinuses. Repeat on the other side. LIe on your back for at least 5 minutes. If oil drains into your throat spit; don't swallow. Blow your nose if you need to. Repeat daily after your shower.