Seems everyone has been sick in the last few weeks. Largely due to our bodies trying to adjust to the gyrations of the weather.

The best way to recover more quickly from a bout of the common cold or flu is to think of it as an unplanned 'cleanse'. If you treat it like this then you will be less likely to get sick (or more likely to get less sick) the next time the cold comes around.

During cleanses and colds reduce the amount or variety of foods (and stimulus in general) so that your body can do what it is trying to do more deeply and more quickly; detoxify and reset. Allowing the self-cleaning and self-righting tendencies of the body to act will strengthen your long term health. Conversely  suppressing your body's need to detoxify will lead to ever increasing cycles of illness (ever wonder why ordinarily immune systems get weaker and diseases get stronger as we grow older?).

Yusha is a light soup (more like a broth) that is so easy to digest that it doesn't interrupt the cleaning process and yet is rich and tasty enough to be satisfying. Yusha is a food that is also a medicine with the qualities of the herbs, spices and ingredients that you add. There are hundreds of recipes in the Ayurvedic texts for different yushas used in specific diseases (see below).  But in general yusha improves digestion and helps in toxin elimination, it is especially good for weight loss and when there is swelling. I have seen it very successfully used as a 'meal replacement' (one or 2 meals a day) over a period of time for weight loss. Plus it is very easy to make.



Basic Yusha recipe:

  • 1T green, unpeeled whole or split mung beans
  • 6 cups of water.

Boil until the beans are quite soft. (pressure cooker 15 min; stove top 40 min; all day in a slow cooker so it is ready when you arrive home). The liquid from mung beans will be a faintly opalescent milky color. You can strain the cooked beans out or leave them in.

Add to taste: 

  • Salt and Pepper
  • a dab of ghee
  • a squeeze of lemon.

Drink as much as you desire.


  • Head colds & congestion:  use 1T kullatha (horse gram) instead of mung, or make regular mung yusha but add a splash of wine while it cooks.
  • Headaches and other diseases of the head add: a table spoon each of unhulled barley & rice
  • Pain that moves (vataja) add: pink salt and black pepper
  • Diabetes, headcolds, fevers, lack of interest in food, cough, hiccup  asthma, obesity, throat diseases add: mullaka (fresh daikon radish) 1pt radish to 3 pts Mung.
  • My favorite is called 'Saptamukthik Yusha' Yusha made of 7 things. It is effectively used in diabetes, reducing all the doshas, localized swellings, fever, for people who have been injured, joint pain related to poor digestion, for cleansing the throat, mouth, and heart, cough, pain (in the stomach), asthma. Make yusha with 6 cups water and 1tsp each of:  Kullatha/horse gram, unhulled barley, jujube, mung beans, radish, dry ginger, coriander
  • Any type of bleeding:  1t each mung bean & red lentil & chana/chick peas & mooth bean, 6C water, ghee, cumin, pink salt
  • Make up your own! I know someone who is fond of making it with Adzuki beans.
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