I have come across a great way to make a filling but light milk based meal that is perfect for breakfast or in the evening if you didn't have time to eat a regular dinner. Remember any meal you eat after 7pm (or sunset if you are near the equator) must be reduced by 1/4th for every half hour delay. Ie eat less later.

Barley (or Yava) has a sweet taste (Madhura) and is considered to have cooling, drying and slightly laxative effect. Barley increases Vata, Reduce Pitta and Kapha. For this reason it is used to reduce weight. It is also good for reproductive health, increases stability and is used in cases of head colds, runny nose, asthma, sore throat and mouth, skin diseases, and even diabetes. 

barley pudding.JPG
  • 2 Tablespoons fine barley flour.
  • Whisk into 1 C cold milk to form a thin paste
  • add 1 teaspoon spices including cinnamon, cardamon, dry ginger, and nutmeg if you need help sleeping
  • Pour into 2 C of boiling milk, stir while heating, until thickened
  • Add a little butter or ghee if you want it to be extra sumptuous.


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