How, after all, can you be healthy if the people around you are not?

Have you been frustrated by nobody understanding your Ayurvedic diet or practices?
Are your friends Palio, or Vegan or doing  a low FODMAP diet and find it easy(er) to get recipes, tips and support.
But you just really feel drawn to Ayurveda?

Have you been frustrated when you pick up a book or article on Ayurveda and find its suggestions opaque and impracticable?

Ayurveda, with all it's quirks and ancient practices, doesn't come with much of a community of online followers and guides. And it is hard to learn a new way of relating to the world on your own! 

What better way to deepen your understanding and practice of Ayurveda than to come together with other women (sorry guys-- just us for now) to share experiences and learn from one another? 

Please join me and some esteemed friends for a...

a monthly gathering of women learning, sharing, and supporting each other to live an Ayurvedic lifestyle. We will talk about the big picture principles of Ayurveda and discover ways to incorporate them into everyday life. 

Each month we will focus on one principal and explore it from various angles: the theoretical, historical, experiential, and practical. We will talk and share recipes, learn new breathing techniques and cooking tips, and even do 'homework' to explore concepts and solidify our understanding.
Let's play with Ayurveda together as we learn how to practice in a suitable Modern Way!

We have 2 upcoming dates at Square One Yoga in Temescal, Oakland:

  • June 10th 1-3pm
  • July 8th 1-3pm 

Suggested donation of $10. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.