To reiterate the reasons for avoiding smoothies (as they are usually made):

  • Cold: indigestible and damaging to the digestive fire

  • Raw: indigestible and create fodder for parasites

  • Terrible food combinations (fruit with milk or yogurt, fruit with veggies etc, protein powder and other desiccated supplements)  cause digestive confusion and poor absorption. If you persist they will contribute to dysfunction in the blood and marrow  which can translate as fatigue, lethargy, sensitivity to cold. etc

  • Despite the ‘nutrients’ in smoothies you will not get the benefits when you consume food raw, cold (esp frozen!), and in poorly combined forms. Smoothies produce ama (indigestible waste) in most people (want proof: check the tongues of people who you see in Jamba Juice for thick white coatings!).

If you are an Ayurvedic adherent you have heard of the perils of smoothies. There are a number of reasons that a person who wants a long, happy and healthy life will eschew smoothies. Yet smoothies are easy to make, tasty and satisfying, convenient to carry with you, and a delivery system for all sorts of nutrition supplements. Liquid breakfasts are ideal for those of us who are not hungry enough for a meal before we leave the house but wish to avoid the temptations of a midmorning scone. Luckily there are ‘smoothie replacements’ that do not offend the rules of Ayurveda and will supply you with the benefits and convenience that smoothies do.

See my next post for recipes!

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