Join us on Sunday October 14th 1-3pm in Temescal, Oakland 

I was walking along the Bay this morning enjoying the company of the grey sky, mud flat birds, and one of my favorite podcasts. The Allusionist episode in my que related to the very thing we are focused on in the October Salon: Recuperation & Renewal. The episode is on how certain literature can assist with convalescence and recovery; listen here! 
Recuperation & Renewal
When we go through anything that knocks us off balance, from a bout of illness to childbirth to a debaucherous vacation, we need to get back into the swing of things. Ayurveda helps us do this with re-mediating practices that reset our body by nourishing and balancing our systems. Learn to fast-forward recovery from any challenge!

I will be focusing on how to care for digestion after an illness (or binge!), and our special presenter, Amber Loo Pearson, will be sharing her Ayurvedic postpartum protocol. This is information that all women should have and share-- so many lifelong problems for women have their roots in lack of postpartum care! The good news is that phases of recovery give us the opportunity to reset ourselves in a new and different and better way if we take the opportunity!

Wear clothes you are comfortable sitting on the floor in and bring a notebook, a friend, and your questions or ideas about Ayurvedic living.

We have 2 upcoming dates at Square One Yoga in Temescal, Oakland:

  • October 14th 1-3pm -- We will be focusing on how to Recover from physical and energetic challenges including anything from pregnancy to the common cold. Amber Loo Pearson will be our special guest and will enlighten us on Ayurvedic postpartum care! Adriene Crimson Coen will also be present to share her wisdom!

  • November 11th 1-3pm -- TBD but with our special guest Tia Ukpe-Wallace we will certainly be focused on women's reproductive health. Stay tuned for details!

MODERN AYURVEDA SALON FOR WOMEN a monthly gathering of women learning, sharing, and supporting each other to live an Ayurvedic lifestyle. We will talk about the big picture principles of Ayurveda and discover ways to incorporate them into everyday life. 
Suggested donation of $10. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.